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tea and sconesEvery once in a while, I wake up with an unbearable craving for tea and scones…maybe it’s the smell of the dried fruit and nuts in the scones caramelizing in the oven…maybe it’s the way the sun sparkles off the gold rims of my hand-me-down china…maybe it’s a little bit of my ancestry calling me from somewhere deep inside…regardless, on the mornings when I wake to my brain shaking me from the inside and screaming “SCONES! MAKE SOME BLOODY SCONES!!!”, I am helpless and I happily oblige.

These scones are a slightly altered version of the currant scones from The Dirty South Cookbook. Incidentally, that is a really fun little cookbook. It’s a double-feature with Hot Damn and Hell Yeah: Recipes for Hungry Banditos. It’s a very creative, youthful book full of cheap, easy and generally comfort-food-style recipes. There are great little illustrations, too…but, back to scones!

I had no currants so I used dried cranberries, I added some walnuts, used all whole wheat flour instead of the 50/50 mix with unbleached all-purpose, and used only half of the soymilk called for. And they are great…a little more tender of a crumb than some of my other scones but they have pleasing flavour and go wonderful with a steaming cup of tea.


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