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Something Sweet

I just wanted to share this photo with you. It makes me smile every time I look at it and thought it would be a nice way to wish everyone a super sweet weekend (teehee)!

And yes, they are Cherry Crème Chocolate Cupcakes from the infamous Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. And yes, they’re as perfect as they look. I had to give most of them away so I wouldn’t be tempted to just stand over the cooling rack and scoop the filling and cherries out of each and every one of them with my tongue. I only did that to two of them…such restraint!


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…dear blog. I’m just a wee bit over-extended right now. I’m getting my photography business on it’s feet and that, plus my part-time job, are daunting tasks. Not to mention, I shot a wedding this past weekend and have over 1000 images to edit through and I’m prepping for a wedding in March that I am shooting and catering!!!

Please excuse my absense. I’ll try to be back in the next week or two with a little something for you.

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